Teevee + Akesuk Showcase

A selection of orignal drawings and limited edition prints by artists Ningiukulu Teevee and Saimaiyu Akesuk

August 1 to October 1, 2022

for some people (of a certain age)

they remember the first kenojuak

they ever saw.


but for me it was the first sheojuk.


maybe that’s why i’m drawn

to saimaiyu akesuk’s work.


encouraged by her friend

ningeokuluk teevee to try



akesuk has emerged as a bold

and inventive artist.


while teevee is steadfast,

as confident creating whimsical work

as she is representing tradition and folklore


akesuk continues her unique

vision, it seems, unencumbered

by the weight of expectation.


together they show the breadth

of contemporary inuit art


at once, reverent of those who

came before and the stories

and traditions that shaped the

worlds around them.


while still maintaining

creative and distinct voices.







Ningiukulu Teevee

Elusive Sedna by artist Ning Teevee

Saimaiyu Akesuk

Spirit Guides by Saimaiyu Akesuk