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Friday, September 10


Friday, October 8

Ten Yetman is a visual artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

After attending the Fine Arts program for Drawing and Painting at the University of Manitoba, she spent many years living in Mexico and Japan.

Her most recent body of work, “Ghost Lasers” examines fear, death and mortality. The work plays with juxtaposition, constantly referencing “comforting” bright colours and patterns, candies and sweets, parties and beach scenes. 

The pieces have been heavily influenced by Fellini Films, DEVO music videos, 80’s fabrics, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and the Cemeteries of Real de Catorce.  

The Garden

36″ x 48″

Tiger Beach

30″ x 36″

Cakes And The Cemetary

30″ x 36″

Rio DeJaniero by Ten Yetman

Imagination Rio De Janeiro

20″ x 26″

The Lovely Lady

24″ x 30″

Zebras In The Copper Canyon

30″ x 24″

Pemma And Jem

 20″ x 24″

Rainbow Shark

11″ x 14″

Ghost Fox

11″ x 14″

Rainbow Wolf

11″ x 14″

Neon Wolf

18″ x 24″

Nagoya Park

11″ x 14″