sheojuk drawing
a sneak peak of our drawing show…fingers crossed…starting in february!


we made it through another year.

from lock-downs. to missed shows. to extended shows.

cold snaps. hot snaps.

and a whole lot of framing.

i think we can safely say 2021 was better than 2020.

(a little better. a wee bit better.)

here’s a look at the show’s we had in our space last year!

we had some fun in 2021. despite it all.

it was very special for us to be able to show some local artists last year.

and hanging our first cape dorset fall release was a dream come true.

we have hopes for 2022. but they are simple ones.

we hope to have incredible art on our walls. in our space.

we hope frank kozak and kidrobot keep making labbits.

we hope everyone stays safe. stays well.

and we hope to see more of you –

healthy. happy. and enjoying your time in our gallery.