From afar, it would be easy to mistake Cindy Rizza’s work as photographs.

Piles of blankets. Laundry on the line. A lawn chair casting a shadow on the side of a house.

However, they are not photographs at all.

Rizza is a Contemporary Realist painter and each of her pieces is a complex, highly detailed study of our everyday.

There is something about her work that makes my hands hurt. That makes me want to put on the Smiths and drink gin. There’s something about them that makes me question my lack of blankets, aprons, pink flamingo’s.

Perhaps, my lack of security and comfort.

They make me want to unbox the things that are boxed. Too precious to put out. Too precious to brake. Or scuff. Or crack.

They are delicate. And beautiful. And beg you to come in close. Imagining the wind brushing past. The faint smell of clean clothes in the air.

Cindy Rizza a classically trained representational oil painter. She lives in New Hampshire and has recently had a solo show at the George Billis Gallery.

We are pleased to carry a selection of Limited Edition prints of her original paintings. Each are carefully printed by the artist herself. Signed and numbered. Currently part of our Everyday show.

(pictured – header image – Summer’s End II. others – Reminder, Just Rosey and Open Air – all by Cindy Rizza)