sHaman, transformation and spirits in inuit art

Like many, I was introduced to Inuit Art through the National Film Board of Canada.

Sitting with my classmates in the darkened library at school, I can still remember the sound of the projector. The beam of light hitting the screen. The NFB logo coming alive in front of us.

For me The Living Stone (1958) by John Feeney had the greatest impact.

The story of the Sea Spirit, in particular, her fingers growing into seals and walruses lingers…

We open the Gallery with remembrance of those who came before us. Who protected the land.

And who’s stories and memories have continued to inspire generations of artists to create fantastic works of Shaman and Spirits and our connection to this world.

In living. In death. And in the places in between.

Current Exhibiton

Featuring a selection of sculpture, drawing and prints by various artists including Ohotaq Mikkigak, Agnes Nanogak and Kupapik Ningeocheak.